SPEEDBALL A-series Calligraphy Nib


The classic SPEEDBALL nib, the Series A nibs feature an upturned square tip, which allows for a variety of line widths and strokes. It is suitable for a range of calligraphy styles, from Gothic Blackletter to Neuland.

Create a uniform stroke in any direction using the A-series nib by holding the your nib perpendicular to the baseline and keeping the "shoe" of the nib flat against the surface of your paper. This will create a perfectly square beginning and end to your stroke. Hold the nib at an angle against the baseline, and you'll create a diamond-shaped beginning and end for your stroke. If you turn the nib on its back, you can create lettering strokes of varying widths by adjusting the angle. This technique is also useful for creating serifs for Roman calligraphy.

  • A versatile nib for block calligraphy & lettering
  • Ink reservoir on top
  • Compatible with most universal nib holders