SAILOR Professional Gear Slim Fountain Pen - Sound of Rain "Summer Rain"


Demonstrating all the best of quality craftsmanship in Japanese pen making, the SAILOR Professional Gear Slim Fountain Pen, affectionately known as the “Pro Gear Slim”, is a sought-after luxury pen in every collector’s case. This Japanese fountain pen has a twist-cap with a flat top, making it an immediately recognizable design.

The “Pro Gear Slim” is the smaller sibling of the full-sized Professional Gear, and it features the same classic design, albeit in a slimmer body. It typically features a 14k gold nib, but for the Sound of Rain series, SAILOR has chosen to fit the pen with its unique 21k gold nib—providing writers who prefer a more compact pen with the same signature, luxurious writing experience of their full-sized line-up.

  • Matte body
  • 21k gold nib 
  • Can be used with SAILOR cartridge converter (included)
  • Compatible with SAILOR cartridge refills
  • Made in Japan