SAILOR Professional Gear Fountain Pen - Black/Gold


Demonstrating all the best of quality craftsmanship in Japanese pen making, the SAILOR Professional Gear Fountain Pen, affectionately known as the “Pro Gear”, is a sought-after luxury pen in every collector’s case. This Japanese fountain pen has a twist-cap with a flat top, making it an immediately recognizable design.

Despite its thick barrel, the pen is remarkably light due to the resin used to construct its body. The full-size “Pro Gear” has a stunning 21k gold nib, which is unique in the fountain pen community and provides a delightfully responsive writing experience.

  • Resin body
  • 21k gold nib
  • Can be used with SAILOR fountain pen cartridge convertible (included)
  • Compatible with SAILOR cartridge refills only
  • Made in Japan