SAILOR Ink Studio Bottled Ink (20ml) - x20s (Greys)


Throughout its long history, SAILOR has produced over 20,000 colours as part of their special Ink Studio events. Now, the Japanese fountain pen and ink maker has curated 100 of its best colours as part of the Ink Studio series for global audiences outside of Japan. These inks exhibit stunning shading and depth of tone, and they range from soft pastels to rich, deep jewel tones. Whether for writing or drawing, the Ink Studio range is sure to delight all fountain pen lovers.

Each ink in this series is denoted by a 3-digit number. The first digit signifies the darkness and intensity of the ink, while the last two digits identify the colour range itself. For example, 141, 241, 341 and etc are all colours within the teal-blue range, but 141 is the lightest of the series, while 941 is the darkest. The exception are those beginning with 0xx, which denotes near-black colours.

  • Dye-based fountain pen ink
  • Glass bottle design
  • Made in Japan