SAILOR Hocoro Dip Pen Set - Grey


Test out a new inks and explore their amazing properties with this versatile and easy to use SAILOR Hocoro Dip Pen! The pen comes with two switchable stainless steel nibs in Fine and 1.0mm widths, which means you can use it for standard handwriting or broader calligraphy styles like an Italic Hand. It is also a great pen for ink sketching. The body is slightly tapered in the middle to allow for a more comfortable grip.

The Horoco Dip Pen is a handy tool especially for times when you want to switch from one ink to another easily. Simply rinse the nib under water and wipe it dry before dipping it into a new ink.

  • Plastic body
  • Stainless steel nib (in Fine & 1.0mm widths)