MITSUBISHI Uni Jetstream MSXE50005 4+1 Multi-pen - Lemon Yellow


The MITSUBISHI Uni Jetstream 4+1 Multi-pen combines 4 ballpoint pens with a mechanical pencil, making it the perfect work and study note-taking companion. The multitude of colour options allows you to easily categorize and organize your notes. A quick click of a button allows you to switch between a black, blue, red or green ballpoint refill, as well as the bonus mechanical pencil. This versatile multi-pen utilizes a quick-drying, low-viscosity ballpoint pen refill that also produces clean, consistent lines similar to what can be achieved with gel pens. The lightweight construction and rubber grip section helps to ensure comfort and reduce fatigue no matter how many pages you are writing.

  • Plastic body
  • Compatible with MITSUBISHI SXR-80 series refills
  • Made in Japan