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MACLELLAN BOOKS Pocket Tomoe River Paper Notebooks (2-pack) - Splashes of Ink


Add a joyous touch of colour to your writing kit with our exclusive pocket notebooks made in nearby Elmira, ON by our friends at MACLELLAN BOOKS.

This set of two pocket notebooks features a cover motif inspired by the cloths we keep at our shop to clean up our pens and inks. Over the years, as we clean off countless tester fountain pens, these towels have become covered with a wide range of inks, resulting in a bombastic mix of every colour under the sun. Each pocket-sized notebook in this set is made using ink-friendly Tomoe River Paper from Japan, a popular choice with many fountain pen users.

  • 2024 limited edition
  • 2 pcs/set
  • Tomoe River Paper
  • 40 sheets/80 pages (per book)
  • Staple bound
  • Pocket size: 3½ x 5½ "
  • Blank layout
  • Made in Canada exclusively for Phidon Pens