LAMY Safari Fountain Pen - Black


The Safari series by LAMY is popular worldwide, and for many good reasons. This iconic pen is made of durable ABS plastic, so you can throw it into your bag and carry along with you for writing anywhere and everywhere. A distinct, triangular grip section ensures an ergonomic hold for all users. This feature also makes the pen especially suited to beginners, as it encourages proper pen holding technique. Designed in 1980 by Wolfgang Fabian, the Safari series has been well-loved for many decades by writers of all ages—students and professionals alike.

The bestselling LAMY Safari fountain pen uses a unique, interchangeable nib system that allows the nib to slide out easily. This means you can swap out an existing nib for something finer or broader, making it a versatile option for all types of writing or sketching.

If the nib size you want is out of stock, add any available nib size to your cart and request a nib swap here.