KRAMA Twist Action Ballpoint Pen - Black


"Technically accomplished, finely crafted, highly functional. Writing instruments that qualify as art."

KRAMA designs and produces high quality writing instruments from their studio in Greece. Each component is precision milled by a CNC machine from solid metal and processed to achieve the perfect finish before being assembled together by hand. Despite their clean, minimalist appearance, KRAMA pens and pencils feature unique detailing inspired by gemstone cuts.

The Twist Action Ballpoint Pen features a threaded knob that allows you to advance and retract the writing tip by turning the knob back and forth. This beautiful and sleek retractable ballpoint pen is not designed with only modern simplicity and timeless elegance in mind, but also that it should provide a great writing experience. Its comfortable and even, lightweight distribution makes this a great pen for longer writing sessions. 

  • Powder coated aluminum body
  • Twist-to-advance mechanism
  • Compatible with Parker-style G2 ballpoint refills
  • Made in Greece