KAKIMORI x Case-bound (A5) Notebook - Grid

$37.50 $42.00

Discover a luxurious writing experience with KAKIMORI notebooks—created expressly to capture your thoughts, memories, and ideas for future revisits.

Each notebook is constructed with fountain pen friendly OK Fools paper and put together with Smyth sewn binding techniques, resulting in an inviting, lay-flat surface for recording your writing and drawings. The pages are printed with a hand-drawn, light grey grid that is gentle on the eyes and doesn't stand out when scanned.

The cover of each notebook features stunning textiles sourced from around Japan.

  • Fountain pen friendly, OK Fools paper
  • 64 sheets/128 pages
  • Sewn bound
  • A5 size: 152 x 215 mm
  • Grid layout
  • Made in Japan