Graf von Faber Castell

GRAF VON FABER CASTELL Classic Anello Rollerball Pen - Black

$414.00 $460.00

The luxurious Classic Anello series from German pen maker GRAF VON FABER CASTELL features a striking, multi-ringed barrel that showcases contrasting precious materials in an elegant, yet unabashedly bold fashion. The shape of the pen is a nod to the well-recognized GRAF VON FABER CASTELL silhouette—a clean, straight body paired with a threaded cap inspired by classical Doric columns, while the spring-loaded clip ensures easy and secure attachment to your pockets or pen sleeves. The result is a well-balanced rollerball pen that is both comfortable to use and a sight to behold.

  • Resin body with platinum-plated accents
  • Compatible with SCHMIDT [5]888-type ceramic rollerball refill (also available from FABER CASTELL)
  • Made in Germany