Fisher Space Pen

FISHER SPACE PEN Clutch Ballpoint Pen - Black Matte


Designed for work in any condition, the FISHER SPACE PEN Clutch Ballpoint Pen features an oversized hexagonal grip section that allows you to hold the pen easily, even when wearing a pair of gloves. This sturdy, but lightweight pen with a wider body is also an excellent choice for those with larger hands. As with all FISHER SPACE PEN ballpoint pens, it is fitted with a pressurized ballpoint refill that makes it easy to write in any orientation, whether you're fililng out forms on a clipboard against the wall, or jotting down notes at the boardroom desk.

  • Annodized aluminum body with hexagonal clutch section
  • Featuring the unique sealed pressurized refill by FISHER SPACE PEN to allow writing in any environment (upside down, underwater, extreme cold and more)