Ferris Wheel Press

FERRIS WHEEL PRESS Ink Charger Set - Evelyn Palette (Morningside/Spring 2021)


Whether it is stunning landmarks of the beautiful Canadian landscape or a scrumptious snack during afternoon tea, the fountain pen inks from Canadian stationery maker FERRIS WHEEL PRESS are all inspired by the joyful little moments in our everyday lives. Enjoy a a delightful variety of colours from soft pastels with gorgeous shading to punchy jewel tones with rich vibrancy.

Ink Charger Sets feature 3 different bottles of ink, each holding 5ml. Each set is perfectly coordinated to create a complementary palette. Their compact size makes them perfect for travel as well.

The Evelyn Palette consists of the colours April Showers, Madam Mulberry, and Morningside Mint.

  • 3 pcs/set
  • Dye-based fountain pen ink